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INDIAbetes is a documentary film/TV project and a global web-based network for researchers and health professionals. INDIAbetes aims to raise awareness of Type 2 diabetes and obesity risk and knowledge of ways to prevent development of these diseases, in India and in the migrant Asian Indian population in the U.S.

The INDIAbetes project has three specific objectives:

  1. To promote awareness of obesity and Type 2 diabetes as a public health problem in India and in the Asian Indian migrant population in the US through the production of an educational documentary, called INDIAbetes.
  2. To empower communities to prevent obesity and Type 2 diabetes by providing information on healthy lifestyle choices at the individual level, as well as community-based opportunities for disease prevention, based on current research and programs from the fields of Nutrition and Epidemiology.
  3. To serve as a tool for public health workers, physicians, and researchers who may use the film in academic and clinical environments, to aid in the development and implementation of cost-effective, sustainable solutions to the twin epidemics of Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

INDIAbetes will use the interactive and visual medium of film, television and web-based technologies to reach the widest possible audience. INDIAbetes will use research conducted by the director, Catherine R. Armbruster, MPH, as well as many other professionals in the field, such as the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF), Emory’s Rollin’s School of Public Health, and the Georgia Institute of Technology to provide an evidence-based backdrop and a solid foundation. As health costs continue to rise in a volatile economy, INDIAbetes will prove to be a valuable tool to combat the twin epidemics of Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

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